Top 7 Herpes & STD Dating Apps & Sites For Meet Positive Singles

With one in five sexually active Americans infected with the disease, Millions of people have been infected without knowing it because they have never shown any symptoms of the virus.The number of members on the larger herpes dating apps and websites is growing rapidly and herpes dating is going mainstream. If you're single and suffering from genital herpes, you're not alone. This year alone, more than 19 million Americans will be diagnosed with genital herpes. Millions of people have been infected without knowing it because they have never shown any symptoms of the virus. On the larger herpes dating sites, there are members with herpes from all over the world. Millions of single Americans with genital herpes flock to our sites because they offer a better alternative to regular dating sites. There are also a large number of members from the UK. If you have genital herpes and are single, then you should consider becoming a member of our STD dating sites. Many STD/herpes dating sites have herpes forums, chat rooms, and some even offer free blogs for all their members. Knowing about dating takes the pressure off, so you can enjoy dating and fall in love naturally without worrying about telling your secrets.

#1 Positive Singles (PS)

Positive Singles is an online STD dating site for single people with sexually transmitted diseases. In the United States alone, more than 110 million people have STDs. Globally, that number grows to 600 million. This dating service is the original and number one STD/STI dating app (including Apple and Android) for singles with genital herpes (HSV-2), cold herpes (HSV-1), genital warts, and HIV/AIDS, and is looking for someone in a similar situation to share their life with others, Whether as a friend or a partner. The site is designed to help its members find new friends, potential spouses, community support, and get on with your life. Since its inception in 2001, Positive Singles now has more than 1.9 million members, with 15,000 members active every day. The members also have about 85,000 conversations a day. It's the largest dating service of its kind to date and a great option for people looking to find someone with a similar STD. We believe strongly in protecting our members' privacy. We have never shared a database or disclosed personal information to any other dating app or company.


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MPWH- "People Who Know Herpes" (HSV-1 and HSV-2) - The best herpes dating and STD support app for positive singles with genital and oral herpes. Dating herpes can pose many problems and difficulties, but our HSV dating community makes it easy. MPWH is the world's first and leading US-based international Herpes/HSV dating community where Herpes Singles can find love and support. MPWH checks you out, the registration process is easy, site navigation is easy, and it has even more impressive features to help members connect. It is educational about issues surrounding herpes sufferers because its blog is educational about topics such as symptoms of the disease, medicines, and how to protect yourself and others. The site can scatter your information, and private individuals and members may not be able to view your details, which makes it one of the places to check whether you are HSV-1 or HSV-2.

#3 Herpes Dating (HD)

Herpes Dating is undoubtedly the top Herpes and sex Dating app for singles with sexually transmitted infections. It has been in the herpes dating industry for 20 years and has been remarkably successful in helping active singles such as herpes singles, HSV singles, HPV singles, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases achieve lasting happiness. If you have herpes, HSV-1, HSV-2, HPV, HIV, HSV, or any other sexually transmitted disease, it can be more difficult to find someone who accepts and understands you. With the largest database of registered members in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe, and countless members, members find it relatively easy to find people who match their qualifications locally. Since 2001, Herpes Dating has been helping herpes singles or other STD singles, helping thousands of herpes single women and single men come together in search of love, hope, and support. You may meet many positive single people who face the same problems. Feel free to speak up about your problems, share your stories and experience in dealing with them, and talk to someone about your mutual interests. Herpes Dating provides you with a personal and passionate intercourse dating and support group where you can meet like-minded people who are looking for love, hope, dating, friendship, and romantic relationships.

#4 STD Dating (STD)

STD dating app caters to those suffering from herpes, AIDS, HIV, HSV, HPV, and hepatitis, providing singles with a sense of community. For most people with herpes, HIV/AIDS, HSV, HPV and hepatitis, dating is really difficult and different from normal dating. And you still want to find the right person to start dating and show love and companionship, but the fact is that in most cases it's hard for you to disclose your condition to other positive people, and many people are careful to protect your privacy, which makes offline herpes therapy even more difficult. What's more, STD dating is open to people with herpes, simplifying the process of overcoming the bumps on the STD conversation road, enabling interesting and meaningful connections with others who are going through the same situation as you, while staying safe and honest. It's your turn to feel the love of the flying dove! Roll up your sleeves, have an adventure, and then enjoy an amazing date before you plunge into the world of depression and anxiety. Connect with other sexy singles in your situation, hear from them, you want to date, and yes, they know that you will eventually become your own soul mate.

#5 Positive Match (PM)

Positive Match is a unique online dating and relationship app designed for singles with herpes, HIV, HSV, HPV, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases. It is used to find love, friendship, relationships, and even marriage. Dating with herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases can be problematic and difficult, but Positive Match's fast-growing new app in the U.S, U.K,Canada,and Australia, and its fast-growing online communities in Taiwan, France, and other parts of the world are making it easier. Love does not discriminate and certainly does not match. Whether you are black, white, Latino, Asian, or interracial, Positive Match is open to single people with STDs and wants to date people with herpes, HIV, or other STDs who are in your situation. We also welcome gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends.

#6 Meet Positives (MP)

Meet Positives is the world's first and leading U.S. dating community for internationally transmitted diseases that seeks "love and support" for motivated singles. Is the best online dating and relationship-seeking, love, friendship, relative, and even marriage dating app for people with herpes, HSV, HPV, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases. It is designed for people who are STD positive as an alternative to dating and a second chance for people who are STD positive. Our goal is to help the affected person get back to normal in the relationship. MP helps positive singles avoid embarrassment and possible rejection by telling potential partners about the situation. Our members joined because they wanted to find other people who had gone through the same struggles as dating. Here, MP can meet many positive single people who are facing the same problems. You can speak up about your problems, share your stories and experience in dealing with problems, and talk to someone about your common interests. Anyway, here you can meet and chat with STIs to build friendships, dates, romance, relationships, and more!

#7 Poz Dating (POZ)

Poz Dating App is the best online dating and relationship APP for positive singles who are positive for herpes dating, HSV dating (HSV 1 dating, HSV 2 dating), HPV dating, HIV dating, and AIDS dating, or other STD dating. Unlike genital herpes dating sites or dating apps, PozDating specializes in dating people with herpes, HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases for love, friendship, relationships, and even marriage. Singles who are positive for herpes are very careful to maintain their privacy and confidentiality. Here, you can encounter many positive views on the same issues, speak up about your problems, share your stories and experience in solving problems, and discuss your common interests with someone.