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Fet Life Review - BDSM, Fetish And Other Sexual Communities

FetLife is a world-famous kinky dating site in the BDSM communities around the world. It's not just a dating fetish site, it's more like a BDSM community. You can think of it as fetish social software just like Facebook or Instagram. Instead of traditional member matching services like other dating sites, you use the community to find members who have something in common with you. FetLife can also help you understand the profile of other users, but this is a confidential and quirky and fun experience. If you want to video chat with other users, you need to upgrade your account to a paid account.


Standard Membership - Free

Gold Membership - As the following rates:

When you click on the site. It will pop up some advertisements, but it will not interfere with website traffic. There are two forms of website membership: free membership and premium membership. Premium members only pay $ 5 a month; on the other hand, if you buy premium members for half a year, you only need $ 30. But premium members won't let you get rid of ads; it only allows you to view porn videos posted on the site, have sex with sexy fetish women, and more.


  • What are the free services?
    • Join the platform for free and create an account.
    • Send messages and view profiles for free.
    • A 7-day trial is available with all advanced features, but you will be asked to enter your credit card details.
  • What are the paid services:
    • You can share your personal information with interested parties and give them a peek into your life.
    • You can create or join groups or communities with like-minded people. This makes communication easier and more targeted.
    • You are free to find activities hosted by Fetlife or any of its partners. Most of these parties are pornographic.
    • You can share your BDSM experience here with those who have no judgment but are motivated (even without challenges).
    • In your favorite parts, you can hide all your favorite videos and images and view them as needed.

Users' Reviews

FetLife is different because 90 percent of the site's features are free and trial members are not bothered by a lot of advertising. Non-paying users can only access video-based content. If you want to watch videos (and lots of them), paid membership costs only $5, a small sum.

If you are looking for a social media platform that meets the needs and desires of Fetlife, this site is your best bet. However, it is worth noting that the site lacks the support of a professional team and inevitably has some false information. If you just want to book BDSM, this site is still a good choice.