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Fetl Review - A New Kinky Dating App for BDSM Singles & Couples

FetL is a totally free premier kink dating and fet lifestyle app for the Kink, Fetish & BDSM community. It's a perfect community for open-minded couples & singles seeking other kinky people.From the swipes and location/interest finders, the only noticeable difference if the use of the FETL dating app within BDSM spheres. One thing that makes the FETL app stand out is the fact that it is a completely free app. No in-app purchases, no premium membership fees, just pure, raw freedom.

In addition to these, Kink's engineers have designed apps for kinky couples, and you can get them on the Google Store and Apple Store below the two links:

  • Download IOS App > >
  • Download Android App > >
  • Prices on iPhone and Android apps:

    1 month subscription: $0.00

    3 months subscription: $0.00

    6 months subscription: $0.00

    Fetl is completely free, yes, you heard it right. The purpose of many dating apps is to make money, but this app is really to provide dating for BDSM lovers. Please note that Fetl is a clean Fetish and BDSM community, it's not allowed to post any nude and pornographic content!


    • Pros:
      • Fetl will manually check each profile in the hope that the dating client will provide authentic information and find like-minded members, thus keeping out scammers, fake profiles, and gold diggers.
      • Voice chat brings relationships closer. Sometimes, you love someone just for their voice. It also saves a lot of typing time.
      • Fetl has 100% free search and chat and wants to provide a platform for people to find happiness and love, so it doesn't charge high membership fees to make money.
    • Cons:
      • It has a good framework for solving problems that may arise. However, for the iPad Pro, there is more versatility with the Apple Pencil, but the app limits the creator's handwriting to a small number of functions, which may be a weakness of the app.
      • The excessive zooming and is kind of distracting as well as trying to switch features like adding to the preexisting text.
      • Limited options for card size and layout, it would be nice to be able to send a letter with handwritten text as a letter.And the cost is a bit expensive, two cards $6 per month.

    Users' Reviews

    "Just downloaded it but so far it works well for me. The userfriendly feature and nice design impressed me a lot. I love it because ut is for kinky people mainly. No need to waste time with phony or unrelated people."

    "Simple to use. Very ergonomic. I can use it to send handwritten letters straight from my phone or computer. I love being able to create a personalized photo card to send to people."

    FetL is a completely free top Kink dating and FET lifestyle app for Kink, Fetish, and the BDSM community. This is an ideal app for open-minded couples and singles seeking other perverts. If you are looking for a partner to fulfill your wildest dreams, such as bondage and foot fetish, then FetL is the place for you! Join us and find locals who are similar to you.