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Whiplr Review - The World’s Biggest Online Fetish Community For Kinky Singles

The Whiplr app takes the concept of fetish relay to a whole new level. It is designed for people who have or want to explore sexual activities. The application is very simple, thanks to the graphical user interface (GUI), which actually completes the functions it deserves. The slogan used by Whiplr is "The Messenger With Kinks". Obviously, this application is not suitable for everyone, because they can not improve the level of contact with the kinkster community. So far, although there are many positive aspects, but for the automatic response program, it is still a little clumsy. However, if you are frustrated with other universal simulcast applications, then Whiplr may be promising for you.

In addition to these, Kink's engineers have designed apps for kinky couples, and you can get them on the Google Store and Apple Store below the two links:

  • Download IOS App > >
  • Download Android App > >
  • Dekadom membership on iPhone and Android apps:

    1 month subscription: $19.99

    3 months subscription: $49.99

    6 months subscription: $99.99

    Whiplr joins for free. Obviously, this has advantages over free membership. You can use all its communication functions, but there are some restrictions every day. During the test, we can only initiate 20 conversations with other members on the app. Whiplr provides many software packages, one of which is called Dekadom. Paid upgrades allow you to enter the "Dekadom" membership level. This provides you with unlimited messaging and voice and video chat capabilities. The cost of entering Dekadom is $19.99 per month. You can choose to purchase a six-month membership for $99.99. The obvious benefits are unlimited voice and video chats, and no limit on the number of chats you can start in a day.


    • Pros:
      • Anonymous and private: Join without social login.
      • Detailed membership information: Before sending a message to you, specify your needs and contact information, and know the location of potential partners.
      • Group chat: You can use one-on-one or group chat to chat with other vendors.
      • Entanglement surveys: Look at what other members of the fetish are saying, and filter for specific entanglements.
      • Start a conversation: Not sure what to say? Start the conversation with an animated "spark."
      • Attention and security: You can remove anything Shared with any Whiplr user from the device and its devices.
      • All-in-one communication: No need to switch to Skype or Messenger. Free chat, photo, and video chat in the Whiplr app.
      • Shots: Upload more than 100 photos with different themes and see what other members have uploaded in the shot source.
      • Validation: Improves user reliability from user to user system. In this system, Inkster can verify that they know each other, and other Kinksters can see who validates them.
      • Events: Detailed information about fetish events taking place around the world so that you can stay in touch with other participants in the event and upload photos to share and cherish your best moments.
      • Whiplr is a free download application that enables logged in users to initiate chat, voice calls, and video chats without leaving the application. You can browse up to 100 profiles at a time, start 10 new chats, and so on.
    • Cons:
      • It will never bring you a lifetime of love - and it won't pretend it has some technical glitch that will spoil a bit of fun.
      • Some people found that Whiplr's software misidentified profanity in their profiles and did not allow them to do so. Whiplr has a very strict usage code. Autocorrect also has some difficulties, the application has problems. It does take away battery life.
      • When entering fetish preferences into the profile (for research purposes only, of course), the system has a problem that when only 10 options are selected, a maximum of 15 options is selected.

    Users' Reviews

    My favorite feature is the "video chat" feature on Whiplr. It creates a special kind of interaction that I like. Plus, the fact that they allow you to see them is a privilege that makes them even more sacred. This adds a lot of interesting features to the software.

    This quirky dating app provides a favorable environment for those interested in bondage activities, allowing them to find other partners equally easily. It's an adult dating app that caters to people interested in hookup and casual sex. You can find plenty of hotties here looking for no strings or low-commitment fun.